Sharing your story with others who've gone through similar experiences can provide a sense of comfort and validation. Discover our participants' stories and experiences with Michael's Place.

Michael’s Place is blessed by those we help and by those who help us. By sharing, it is our hope that you will gain a fuller understanding of how Michael’s Place makes a positive difference in the lives of those who experience grief. You will note a resounding theme of finding comfort and hope on the journey of healing.

A bereaved couple came to Michael’s Place after the loss of their son:

“On a September day in 2016, I made the best call I ever made…a call telling the woman on the phone that my husband and I needed help dealing with the recent loss of our son. She took over from there with such kindness. Thank you to everyone who played a part in teaching us to take it one day at a time when we began this journey. We are forever grateful.”

— Former Michael’s Place Attendees


A young woman who came to groups after the loss of her mother:

“Michael’s Place has been incredibly comforting and loving to me. The Women’s Group has brought me so much support and motherly love since my mom passed away. It is the most sacred, comfortable place to share and express your grief.”

— Michael’s Place Attendee

Elizabeth shares the value of having Michael’s Place as a resource following the loss of her child:

“To put into words what Michael’s Place has done for our family is an overwhelming task. In short, they allowed me to feel like I could breathe, even if only for a moment. When you speak to someone who truly understands your pain and absorbs it without trying to “fix” it, it is one of the most comforting feelings imaginable.”

— Elizabeth K.

A former attendee talks about her experience at Michael’s Place following the death of her husband to suicide:

“Thank you a thousand times for helping me through my husband’s suicide. I think of your kindness and compassion often and it still keeps me going. Thank you for being the light when all I could see was darkness. You are amazing people and I am grateful for your strength and the work you do.”

— Former Michael’s Place Attendee

As part of a healing exercise, young Joey writes a letter to his late father as a way to express his feelings:

Dear Daddy,

I really miss you so much. I miss your love. I miss the way you played with me.

Most of all I miss your kisses and hugs. You were the best dad ever. I know you miss me too and I wish you were here.

Thank you for helping me. I think about you every day.

I love you and I know you are in heaven.

Your son, Joey

Ellyn writes of how the Michael’s Place children’s program, Robin’s Nest, helped her family find hope after the loss of her daughter:

“I took my children fishing at Veronica Valley for a Robin’s Nest event. The sun was shining and a pool of kind and patient volunteers helped them bait hooks, learn to cast, then reel in the fish. Most importantly I watched my children’s joy. This was truly a metaphor for all Robin’s Nest events. Our grief, always swimming beneath the surface, can be an elusive and difficult thing. But, we are learning how to navigate these waters and are finding comfort, hope, and healing.”

— Ellyn