Books for Grieving Children

Suggested Reading

Disclaimer: All books listed are based on a compilation of nationally recommended books. Each reader has their own unique perspective and you may find that some books resonate with you more than others. We suggest reading the descriptions and reviews found by clicking each link prior to purchase and prescreening any book before sharing it with your child.

Books to Read to Young Children

— Jeffers, O. The Heart and The Bottle

— Karst, P.  The Invisible String

— Krasny-Brown, L. and M. Brown. When Dinosaurs Die

— Moundic, C. The Scar

— Parr, T. The Goodbye Book

— Spinelli, E. and J. Dyer. Sophie’s Masterpiece

— Wilhelm, H.  I’ll Always Love You

Books for Older Elementary

— Doyle, R. Her Mother’s Face

— Greene, C. Beat the Turtle Drum

Books for Teens

Books for Parents and Caregivers

More Information

General Grief Information

Things that everyone should know when grieving the loss of a loved one or supporting someone going through the process of grief.

Children's Grief Information

Further your understanding about the ways children are different than adults in the ways they process grief and how that changes over time.

The Importance of Self-Care

Grief can be experienced in many different ways. Although there is no shortcut to healing, there are ways to take care of ourselves and help us get through each day.

Recommended Websites

This curated list of websites are those that we consider helpful resources for our own staff and the families we help. We invite you to explore these sites, with emphasis on the sections we've noted.