Volunteer Opportunities

We couldn't exist without the generous assistance of volunteers in our northern Michigan community.

You can help us support grieving children, teens, and adults directly through group facilitation and mentorship or indirectly through office assistance, fundraising, and other administrative needs. Every volunteer and every role is vital to our mission of providing no-cost grief support services in our community. Internship opportunities are available for those in a variety of programs, including social work, counseling, and other human service fields.

Volunteer needs shift throughout the year. Contact us for current openings.

Group Facilitators

Group facilitators participate as active listeners, discussion leaders, and support persons in our bereavement support groups. There is no formal counseling or therapy as part of these groups. To become a facilitator, an individual will interview with our grief services coordinator, attend facilitator training, and any additional in-services as presented. Group facilitation experience is not necessary, as all volunteers will participate in an initial training program and shadow experienced facilitators before being assigned to a group. Group facilitation can also be used as an intern experience for those in social work or counselor training programs.

Robin’s Nest Volunteers/Mentors

Volunteers will assist our Robin’s Nest Coordinator by participating with youth in monthly “Best Day” events. These events allow youth to experience positive, caring adult interaction, while engaged in fun, family-oriented activities. Past opportunities have included, skiing, snowboarding, paddle boarding, fishing, and much more! Volunteer opportunities are also available to people interested in hosting an event. 

Create-A-Keepsake Volunteers

Create-A-Keepsake is a program that pairs volunteers with individuals to design and create a memorial keepsake. We are looking for volunteers who are skilled in sewing to help individuals and families create items such as bears, pillows, and other materials that honor the memory of their loved ones.  Volunteers that have a heart for grieving individuals and want to be a part of the experience, while assisting the families and the staff are welcome, too!

Special Event, Fundraising, and Committee Opportunities

Ambassadors, special events, and fundraising volunteers for Michael’s Place are those who believe in our mission and are willing to effectively advocate for us in their own network of family, friends, co-workers, church, or civic organizations.

Ambassadors are willing to spend time annually introducing guests to Michael’s Place through regularly scheduled or group-specific Tours of Hope.  Special event volunteers help plan, organize, and assist at special events, and fundraising volunteers are needed throughout the year and may have some experience with grant writing, research, or donor solicitation. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the volunteer enrollment form.

You may also contact us at Volunteer@MyMichaelsPlace.net or call (231) 947-6453 for more information and to schedule a meeting. Thank you!